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        1. Application Documents

          1.Duly-filled "Application Forms forInternational Students" issued by Changzhou Textile Garment Institute (recentphoto required).

          2."Physical Examination Record forForeigners"(recent photo required).

          3.Copies of the applicant's latestcertificate of education, academic records and notary certificates in English.

          4.Copy of the applicant's passport.

          5.Application fee(RMB 400 Yuan).

          6.Six bareheaded photos (whitebackground).

          7.HSK Certificate and relevant materialsto prove your comprehensive ability, such as certificate of awards,recommendation letters are preferable for your application.

          8.For applicants under 18, a letter ofguarantee from the fiduciary guardian in China is needed and it shall benotarized by the notary office.

          International Exchange Office Changzhou Vocational Institute of Textile and Garment No. 53 Gehu Road Changzhou Jiangsu, 213164 People's Republic of China