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        1. Programs for International Students


          Main Courses

          Study Period

          Enrollment Limit

          Textile Inspection and Trade

          International Trade  Practice, Textile Inspection Project Course, Customs Declaration Business,  Textile Merchandising, Textile and Apparel Commerce

          3 years

          60 persons

          Attire and Costume Design

          Fashion Painting Technique,  Apparel Color Matching, Creative Three-dimensional Modeling, Apparel Design  and Technology Practice, Innovation and Entrepreneurship Project of Apparel  Brand Planning and Display Design

          International Economics and  Trade

          International Trade  Practice, Customs Declaration Business, Entry and Exit Inspection Business,  Foreign Trade Documents, International Business Correspondence

          Mechatronics Technology

          Electrotechnics, Fitter  Training, Mitsubishi PLC system design, installation and commissioning,  Installation and Commissioning of Automatic Production Line, Installation and  Commissioning of Industrial Control System

          Computer Network Technology

          Network Development Technology,  Network Database Technology, Network Equipment and Cabling, Network  Integration Technology, Trend Micro Network Security Technology

          Visual Communication Design  and Production

          Packaging Design, VI Design,  Advertising Design, Graphic Creativity, Micro Video Production

          The school has a total of 43 majors. In addition to the above 6 majors,students can apply for other majors.

          The length of schooling is 3 years.

          Freshmen are required to finish Chinese language courses in the firstyear.

          Students who have attained HSK Level 4 before entering school can directlyenter the second grade.

          Professional courses start from the second grade.

          International Exchange Office Changzhou Vocational Institute of Textile and Garment No. 53 Gehu Road Changzhou Jiangsu, 213164 People's Republic of China