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        1. School of Humanities

          Schoolof Humanities  人文學(xué)院

          Programs offered are BusinessEnglish, Applied English (International Early Age Education), and Old AgeService and Management. Besides, the department also includes 6 teaching andresearch offices for Public English, Ideological Education, Physical Education,College Chinese, Military Theory, Mental Health. Business English aCharacteristic Program of the province. Students can get qualificationcertificates like Cambridge Business English, National International BusinessEnglish, Foreign Trade Documentation, and graduates can work as foreigntraders, documentation specialists, merchandisers, etc. Applied English(International Early Age Education) program jointly cultivate early ageteachers with  international earlyeducation group like Gymboree. Students can get qualification certificates suchas EDC Instructor and PBCE and work as teachers in early age teachingorganizations. After gradation, students from Old Age Service and Managementprogram can work in all kinds of old-age institutions. Students are alsoprovided with opportunities to further their study in foreign countries likeJapan and Singapore.

          Website (Chinese): http://rwxy.cztgi.edu.cn

          International Exchange Office Changzhou Vocational Institute of Textile and Garment No. 53 Gehu Road Changzhou Jiangsu, 213164 People's Republic of China