Living in Changzhou

Located in Taihu Lake Basin,Changzhou lies in the heartland of beautiful and affluent Yangtzi River Delta.With a history of 2500 years, it is now famous for its flourishing economy,prosperous culture, widespread education and a galaxy of talents. Ancestors ofChangzhou lived here 5000 years ago in the period of the late New Stone Age andcontributed to the ancient Chinese civilization with the glorious and uniqueMajiabang culture, Songze culture and Liangzhu culture.

Changzhou lies in the south ofJiangsu Province, close to the East China Sea. It is halfway between Shanghaiand Nanjing, and borders Yangtzi River on the North and Taihu Lake on theSouth.Huning (Shanghai-Nanjing) railway, Huning (Shanghai-Nanjing) speedway andJinghang (Beijing-Hangzhou) canal all run through the city. Located insubtropical monsoon climate zone, this rolling plain enjoys four distinctseasons with plenty of rainfall and sunshine.

Changzhou is the hometown of Gizi,birthplace of modern industry, manufacturing town of modern equipment, cradleof silver-collar workers as well as the reputed city of technology and education.

Changzhou, nicknamed the DragonCity, is famous not only for its natural beauty but also for its culturaltraditions. As for cultural sites, it has Wenbi pagoda in Hongmei Parkrepresenting humanistic spirit, the well-known Tianning Temple renowned as No.1 Buddhist Temple in Southeast China, the large theme park China Dinosaur Park,Yancheng Ruins of spring and autumn period with 3000 years’history and theprimitive wonderland Tianmu Lake.

Over the years, Changzhou has received numeroushonors. It is awarded as National Top 50 Comprehensive Strength City, 40Strongest National Investment Environment City, National Health City,NationalModel City in Environmental Protection, National Garden City, National AdvancedScientific Development City, National Model City of Public Security, ExcellentTourism City, Top 10 Harmonious and Sustainable Development City, Model City ofInhabitable Environment.

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